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The right bed isn't just about sleep — it's about empowering patients and caregivers with greater comfort and freedom.

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For Every Need, There's a Med-Mizer Bed

Whether it's for in-home or hospital and nursing home use, there's a perfect Med-Mizer solution for you, your patients, or your loved ones.

Active Care Bed

ActiveCare Beds

With three models and a variety of accessories to choose from, these popular pivoting beds are ideal for in-home and professional use.

Select Care Bed

Select Care

This at-home bed is the latest innovation from Med-Mizer, offering total comfort and safety in a design that's perfect for any setting.

All Care Bed

AllCare Floor Level Low Bariatric Bed

This dynamic expandable-width bed lowers to floor level, reducing falls. Consider it a go-to for patients at any mobility level.

ComfortWide Bed

ComfortWide EX8000 Bariatric Low Bed

With push-button expandable width technology and 800-pound weight limit, this bed is ideal for bariatric patients who need added support and flexibility.

Retracta Bed


With a low retracting bed frame, it's easy for patients or residents to store personal items — and to reduce its footprint if more equipment or support is needed.

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Comfort and Independence Built into Every Bed

With Customizable features and patient-and-caregiver-centric enhancements built into every Med-Mizer bed, it's easy to achieve greater comfort and independence with every model

  • Versatile safe patient handling solutions to help patients get where they're going inless time — and more comfortable
  • Intuitive, user-centric beds and mobility solutions protect patients and care teams from slips, falls, and other common challenges
  • Ease of use boosts quality of care, improving care team morale, and patient independence from day one

Partners in Care

In addition to private in-home use, Med-Mizer is proud to provide our innovative products to diverse healthcare providers, including:

Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing

Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Rehab Centers

Rehab Centers

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs

Home Care

Home Care

Acute Care

Acute Care


Hospital Care

Med-Mizer is the Ultimate Mobility Solution

When patients and caregivers are comfortable and in control, quality of life and independence thrives.

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