Authorized Home Care Dealer

With over 30 years experience selling medical products, Med Mart is an authorized vendor of Med-Mizer®’s home care product lines. Med Mart has stores located in Dayton, Western HIlls, and Evendale, Ohio along with an online store that serves a national audience. Med Mart offers affordable and fast shipping that matches their customer friendly promises of no hassle returns and A+ service.

You can find Med-Mizer®’s Comfort Wide™ series and Pivot Rotation bed at Med Mart.

Available Products

PR1000™ – Pivot Rotation

Med-Mizer® designed the PR1000™ Low Stand and Assist Bed system with the safety of the patient and caregiver in the forefront. The system contains a host of features that help patients enter and exit the bed; simplifying transfers for caregivers. The process is simple.

The bed smoothly transitions into a chair with the touch of a button that raises and lowers the head and foot sections. A caregiver can then disconnect the foot section and pivot the sleep service, placing the patient in a seated position. From here, the patient can enjoy company, work on a craft or hobby, or prepare to stand by putting their feet firmly on the ground. As you can tell, the bed has shifted from a bed to a seat and finally into a chairlift, increasing the patients standard of living, improving the ability to provide care by simplifying the transition process and reducing cost by eliminating the need for extra equipment.

You can find Med-Mizer®’s PR1000™ at our home care partner MedMart with guaranteed low prices.


Comfort Wide™ Series

The three models of the Comfortwide™ series enhance patient comfort while maintaining Med-Mizer®’s standards for patient and caregiver safety. The EX5000™, EX6000™, and EX8000™ come with push-button slide technology that allows the bed to expand from 35 inches up to 48 inches (maximum width depends on bed model).

The EX5000™ comes with Med-Mizer®’s retracting bed technology, reducing the potential for falls. And, the EX6000™ and EX8000™, maximum working capacities of 600 and 800 pounds respectively, provide comfort for bariatric patients, while toolless set-up and sliding technology make storage and transportation simple.

You can purchase the Comfortwide™ series from MedMart, our home care dealer.