Hospital to Home

Now What???

It was a beautiful sunny day like any other, the sun was shining around the car as he drove home to spend the 4th of July holiday with his family. His mind was drifting to all the things he had planned (fireworks, kayaking, etc) and the people he would see, especially his friends, who had gone their respective ways to various colleges. He was streaming new music and he was singing, completely encompassed by his thoughts.

            “Mom and Dad will have so much for me to do the minute I walk in the door,” he thought, “so I better stop by Johnny’s house first.” The minute the thought crossed his mind, he slammed on his brakes to make a u-turn and in the blink of an eye, his entire world changed. As he began to turn, the truck he never saw, pushed the tiny sports car down the road, slamming into a row of trees. Johnny was trapped in the mangled mess and ultimately trapped within his own body. He found himself waking up in the Trauma ICU, with his parents looking on, hopeful, but with the worried expressions on their faces, he knew something wasn’t right.

            Johnny’s parents were faced with the unthinkable…their son, who was so handsome and full of vigor and personality, was now paralyzed from the waist down. A complete severance of his spinal cord had stripped him of all he knew to be certain. Now what? After several weeks of recuperation and aggressive physical therapy, he had experienced several setbacks, as well as some small victories, but Johnny had the support of his parents, and the security of being around the hospital staff who obviously new exactly what to do with every given situation he had faced so far in his new role as a paraplegic.

Then came the dreaded news that he would soon be discharged. Rehab was the next hurdle he must contend with before he could be released to go home. His parents were very involved and were anxious to get him home, so their lives would not be so interrupted by splitting time between work, hospital and home, but they also had a daunting fear of how they would take care of him in their small home. They talked with their discharge planner at the hospital who instructed them on the type of equipment that would be needed to take care of Johnny, but the discharge planner had no knowledge of how the equipment would fit into their home or their daily lives.

This type of scenario is something at Med-Mizer we hear on an almost daily occurrence.  Whether is a traumatic injury (TBI, SCI), a progressive illness/condition (ALS, MS, Stroke), or allowing a loved one to age at home (versus an institution), the Now What scenario is challenging for families.  Understanding and identifying what type of equipment solutions is the best for their loved ones is a burdensome task. 

Contact a Med-Mizer patient advocate today through phone or email. Our team will spend time understanding your condition and product needs. We have extensive product experience with elders looking to age in place, special needs, pediatrics, chronic conditions, and catastrophic injuries. We are here to support you and are willing to supply you with a variety of material and even conduct a live demonstration (web) to help you support your product selection.

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