Med-Mizer Home Care Testimonials

Royce’s Story – Regaining a Quality of Life with the PivotRehab Bed

As most know – life can change in a matter of moments.  After being diagnosed with vocal cancer a little over three years ago, Royce and his lovely wife Linda are all to aware of overcoming adversity.  The story you are about to read is how Med-Mizer and the Pivot Rehab bed have helped them on their journey.

Royce was born in 1923 and was gifted a beautiful voice that he used for singing and entertaining whomever he met.  He met his wife Linda in 1982 and they have been together happily for over 37 years.  They enjoyed traveling, eating great food, playing bridge, and spending time together (especially witnessing Royce entertain strangers, although most would say he never met one). 

A few years ago, Royce was diagnosed with vocal cord cancer.  He went through 36 radiation treatments which left his cancer in remission but the shock of treatment caused a stroke which effected his vision in his left eye.  Royce suffered an additional stroke in March of 2018 that left the left side of his body immobile.  This has had a significant impact on his quality of life as he has been left unable to sing, read and work his crossword puzzles, and has challenged his independence. 

After suffering his stroke Royce was discharged home from the Rehab Center and was provided a Medicare bed that was manual (had to be cranked in the front) and was very strenuous for Linda to raise and lower the bed.  After realizing the current equipment would not allow Linda to provide any type of quality or dignity for Royce, they searched for a better solution.

While searching for a new bed Linda uncovered the PivotRehab bed.  After speaking with customer service Linda realized the benefits and blessings the bed would provide Royce.  Linda and Royce ordered the bed and the delivery and install occurred as promised.  Royce’s first comments after experiencing the bed is “Wow, this is Heaven.”  They really value that the bed is fully electric, provides flexibility to move him in and out in a safer manner, and also gives Royce the ability to eat in bed. 

Allowing Royce the ability to heal at home while surrounded by loved ones and friends has been the difference “between life and death” according to Linda.  The bed has allowed her the ability to do things for him that she couldn’t have ever done.  “Words cannot explain the gifts and blessing the Pivot Bed has allowed us to experience.”  For Royce, adding days, then months, and soon to be a year back in his home setting with Linda has made all the difference.

Julius A’s Feedback on the PivotRehab 8000 Bed

“I used the bed this morning for the first time with my Dad and I wanted you to know that it works like a charm and made it so much easier for us to care for him.  While it’s only been one day, I am so excited by the possibilities and freedom it provides…so glad we found you guys!”

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