At Med-Mizer, we have decades of experience and knowledge of the post-acute care market.  We also have a deep understanding of the challenges of being bedbound for the resident and caregiver.  We have built upon these past learnings and are excited to provide customers with an affordable solution, one that is Made in the USA, and from a name they have known to trust – Med-Mizer.

After years of feedback from clinicians, residents, and various facilities we designed a solution to provide superior resident comfort and care.  During our research and design phase we consistently heard the following around tilt-in-space chairs found in the market:

  1. Residents desired more comfort and support from their chair
  2. Caregivers wanted a solution for easier maneuverability and safer transfers/resident access
  3. Facilities wanted the ability to standardize on a chair to accommodate more resident sizes instead of having to purchase multiple chair widths to only meet a single resident need.
  4. Customers wanted shorter lead times on chairs as well as parts (frustration with chairs having to go through customs and parts not being stocked in the US)

We are proud to introduce you to Med-Mizer’s first tilt-in-space chair, the FlexTilt.  We have incorporated all of our customers and clinicians feedback to create a better Tilt-In-Space solution for you residents.  Please contact us today to learn how we can address some of the challenges you may face from your existing Tilt-In-Space chairs.