Are you making the right investment?

According to the latest McKnight’s 2019 Industry Directory1 feature on nursing home electric beds the average maintenance cost per bed, per year, is around $50 dollars.  Nursing homes and purchasing agents consider a wide variety of factors while making their bed purchase selection – however, most do not usually request budgets around total cost of ownership.  Parts availability, weight capacity, widths of beds, low heights, custom boards, quality, clinical features, and even tariff fines (not applicable to Med-Mizer) all play a role in the decision process – as indicated by the McKnight’s article.

While not listed above in the decision process, price is always a major influencer when selecting a bed vendor of choice.  Often times though, an overlooked factor not included in the initial price is the total cost of ownership of the bed during its lifespan.  What type of warranty is offered? Will the manufacturer have parts readily available?  What is the life span of the product?  These are all questions that need to be considered in addition to the up-front price as they factor into the total cost of ownership.

At Med-Mizer, we strive to build high-quality durable beds that have an extremely low cost of ownership.  We use top of the line components (Linak Actuators, thicker gauge steel, hospital grade casters, etc) and offer our customers an industry leading warranty.  We continually keep our loyal (and growing) customer base because we deliver a high-quality cost competitive product with the right innovative clinical features.  An additional factor that keeps customers loyal to Med-Mizer is their low total cost of ownership and ease of maintenance on our equipment.

In the past month (January 2019) we have conducted business reviews with two of our partners who have purchased thousands of beds (>$3M in sales) from Med-Mizer over the past 10 years.  During our review we analyzed their parts cost as a percentage to their beds throughout their purchasing history (10+ years).  On average, these chains spent around $5.00 per Med-Mizer bed (less than 1.5 cents per day) per year to maintain their beds and keep them operating.  Therefore, these customers spent 10X less than the average maintenance cost per bed per year (Per the McKnights Report1)

When you are considering your next bed investment (purchase), consider all factors which play a role in the cost of the bed. 

If you are noticing complaints from maintenance and skyrocketing parts usage/cost, it might be time to consider a new bed manufacturer.

Think Med-Mizer is the solution for you?  If you are ready to reduce your maintenance cost and lower your total cost of ownership, request a demo at your facility today.


1 McKnights 2019 Industry Directory – page 27.  Electric Beds Purchasing Report