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AllCare™ Floor Level Low Bariatric Bed


The AllCare™ Floor Level Low Bed — Enhance Safety, Simplify Equipment Needs, and it is Easy on Staff

Med-Mizer is excited to launch the first expandable width bed that will lower to the floor level.  In the past, facilities and individuals have had to choose various frames to address their needs (falls, bariatric, custodial care, sub-acute/short term rehab, wider beds for comfort, etc).   The AllCare™ Floor Level bed goes 3.6″ from the floor (about the width of a smartphone) to help reduce falls.  With going lower to the floor and adding a wider sleep surface (up to 42″) we have the ultimate tool to use as a falls intervention.  The AllCare™ bed can help you turn a bed fall into a bed roll.  We have created the AllCare™ Bed to be THE solution to  help facilities address the following challenges:

• NEW! Advanced Positioning: Added comfort and treatment with one button low-chair, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positioning.

• NEW! Clinical-Contour®: An exclusive feature that reduces skin shear and the repositioning of residents.

• NEW! Staff Lockout Control: Built in on the pendant, this standard feature to prevent unintended operation.

• NEW! Backlit Pendant: Allowing the controls to be viewed easier as well as provide additional safety at night.

• NEW! UnderBed Light: Optional night light provides additional safety and light under the bed.  

Falls Risk: Floor level height with optional safety mat and advanced falls alarm system to help facilities manage high risk resident falls.

•Bariatric Dignity:  Provide bariatric residents  the same equipment utilized throughout your facility.

• Custodial Care:  Enhance resident comfort (expandable width) and height (up to 30″) to manage custodial residents needs.

• Short Term Rehab:  Advanced positioning features (Cardiac Chair, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg), optional scale to manage higher acuity residents.

• Standardization:  Improve staff training as well as maintenance with ONE bed-frame solution across your facility.

Are you interested in a Falls Intervention that works?

AllCare™ Bed

Now you don’t have to choose between safety, quality, and budget.  Best of all, everything comes from the same trusted source and is made in the USA.

Safety Mat

Utilizing the optional bi-fold safety mat you can create the same plane (level surface) for added protection in case a resident rolls out of bed.

Safety Mat with Advanced Falls Notification

Plan to reduce your falls risk further by adding our advanced notification sensor to your safety mat.  This wireless sensor can hook into your existing nurse call system or work independently.

Advanced Falls Pager System

When using our Advanced Falls notification system your staff can receive wireless pages to alert them of a potential falls issue.  We also have a Med-Mizer wireless door light (not shown) which can alert staff (visual/tone) to avoid a falls situation.

Low Chair Position

With the low height (3.6″) you have the ability to sit the resident in a low chair position only inches off the ground. 

Cardiac Chair Position

Utilizing the frame articulation you can place your residents in a comfortable chair position.

Floor Level Height

3.6″ floor level height (around the width of a smart phone)


With a built-in (optional) scale you have the ability to weigh your residents – in a comfortable, timely, and safe manner.


• Deck Height (low position): 3.6″

• Deck Height (high position): 25″

• Sleeping Surface: 35″, 39″, 42″ x 80″L (84″L optional)

• Maximum Safe Working Load: 600 lbs.