Comfort Wide EX6000™ Bariatric Bed

The Comfort Wide EX6000™ Bariatric Bed — Push Button Expandable Width Slide Technology

• Advanced Positioning: Added comfort and treatment with low-chair, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positioning.

• Comfort Wide™: Bed expands to 39 & 42 inches wide without the use of tools for more comfort and flexibility.

• Auto Contour: Reduces patient migration, alleviates skin shearing, and improves staff productivity.

• Low Bed Height: 9″ low height helps reduces fall risk.

• Scale: Optional scale helps keep accurate patient weight – first long-term care designed bed to have a built-in scale. This accessory can be added after the sale as well.

• Evac Position™: Extra positioning to make the bed narrower so if a sidebar is attached it can still pass through doors less than 42 inches wide.

• No Tools: The bed can be assembled and un-assembled without the need for tools.

• Easy Storage and Transport: The bed can be un-assembled in minutes and transported in tight areas.

• Wall Bumpers: Soft non-marking bumpers come standard to protect walls from damage.



• Deck Height (low position): 9″

• Deck Height (high position): 25″

• Sleeping Surface: 35″, 39″, 42″ x 80″L

• Maximum Safe Working Load: 600 lbs.