Bed Accessories

Hercules™ Patient Repositioner

Med-Mizer® is proud to partner with The Morel Company™ to bring the Hercules Patient Repositioner™ to its long-term and home care partners.

Hercules™ — Patient Repositioner

With the push of a button, the Hercules:

Improves Caregiver Safety

• Patients weighing up to 500lbs can be repositioned with the simple push of a button

• Eliminates the lifting and pulling that can cause back, neck and shoulder injuries

Increases Caregiver Efficiency

• One Caregiver — One Button™

• Patient repositioning in 10seconds

• Allows approximately 10 repositioning per sheet

Supports Clinical Outcomes

• The patient moves with the sheet, reducing the friction that can cause skin shear and tears

• Relieves peak interface pressures in 10 seconds

• The ease of use promotes more frequent and timely repositionings

Enhances Patient Experience

• Protects the patient’s dignity by reducing the embarrassment associated with traditional repositioning

• Provides a smooth and comfortable repositioning

• Allows repositioning with the head of bed elevated up to 30 degrees.

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