PR1000™ Bed

The PR1000™ Bed — Low Stand Assist Bed with Pivoting Sleep Surface

• Ideal for skilled care, rehabilitation and long term care

• Prevent injuries with the stand assist rising of the bed

• Egress/Ingress is safer for the caregiver and the resident

• Improves the level of in room physical therapy

• Promotes better positioning

• Enhances early mobility

• Special rollers on head section prevent the mattress from bunching in the seated position preventing unwanted pressure to the lower back

• Provides an alternative seating solution

• Simplifies transfers

• Pressure relieving mattress with high level of comfort



• Deck Height (low position): 12 3/4″″

• Deck Height (high position): 28 3/4″″

• Sleeping Surface: 35″W x 80″L

• Maximum Safe Working Load: 600lb



After about 2 months this bed has proven to be a great benefit to my mom and for my sister who is taking care of her at home. She was very weak after a month in the ccu. We purchased this bed to assist her to regain her limited mobility she had prior. We ordered the bed and delivery was fast and convenient. The only assembly was attaching four bolts a couple of small electrical connections and headboards which slide into position, easy. It is quite heavy, solidly built, and stable; and respect that it is made in the usa.

My mom said she likes that it is on wheels, so can be moved closer to the bathroom or rotated toward another window if wanted.

The mattress is comfortable and has a breathable water resistant cover. We put an extra absorptive pad on top which also helps to adjust her while in the bed. She developed a bed sore while in ccu. After rehab it was nearly gone and has had no new bed sores since. I think it has a lot to do with the extra mobility afforded by the pivot/ottoman design and bedframe rollers that reduce mattress pinching at the lower back.

The chair/ottoman features are extremely useful. It allows her to sit up on the bed and we have a small bicycle machine she uses to exercise her legs with the ottoman portion of the bed lowered and back raised.

The pivot action is the greatest feature. It makes transfers much easier and she would not be as active without it. Also, it is a huge convenience for my sister and her back, who does the transfers. I noticed during the hospital stay that moving from wheelchair to hospital bed was very stressful on both my mom and the physical therapist because of the awkward unnatural rotation after the person is sitting on the bed and lifting the legs at the same time. The pivot action does most of the work for you and reduces transfer to a couple of simple movements. The pivot feature feels stable when rotating and glides very smoothly and even locks into position.

I wrote the review because during purchase 06/2017 there were none and hope it helps others. I highly recommend calling med mart directly, if you have any doubts. Margaret was extremely knowledgeable and a really nice person.

Steve S.

My Wife is paralyzed on one side, this bed allows me to turn her and sit her up to transfer to her wheelchair like out of her lift chair. This keeps me from having to lift her from a laying position in bed!
Tommy Simpson