All floor beds may not have the same “impact” at your facility….

We have recently launched our newest product the AllCare bed which is intended to help reduce falls for high risk residents.  We understand the impact a fall can have at a facility.  They consume a huge amount of time and resources.  Not to mention if a resident is seriously injured the potential litigation cost as well as penalties by the state can have big repercussions.

If you are in the market for a floor level bed to address those challenges, have you considered the following?

The AllCare bed has the following innovative features not found on other floor level beds:

  • A built in expandable width sleep surface that can expand from 35″ to 39″ to 42″ with the push of two buttons.
  • A 600lb weight capacity.
  • Hospital grade casters (competitors have cheap plastic casters that tend to break).
  • Advanced staff alert system integrated into our safety mat to notify staff of a potential falls situation.
  • Multiple head and footboard styles and color options (competitors have unpleasing aesthetics with open sight of actuators in the foot section).
  • Optional scale that can be added to help weigh residents in the bed.
  • Industry leading warranty (lifetime on the welds, 15 years on the frame, and 5 years on the Linak actuator motors)
  • Made in the USA

We would welcome the opportunity to show you the Med-Mizer/AllCare bed “difference“.  We believe you will see the “impact” our solution can have on your facility and the AllCare will become your falls intervention bed of choice.

If you would like to set up a free trial or inquire about our rental options* please contact Med-Mizer today.

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