Falls Prevention

Safety Falls Mat

The Med-Mizer Falls Mat is intended to help reduce falls and improve resident and caregiver safety.  Med-Mizer is excited to launch our falls mat to be used in conjunction with our AllCare Floor Level Low Bed.  We have improved over traditional falls mats in the market by adding additional inches of foam to help reduce a fall from an impact to a roll.  

Bi-Fold Safety Mat: 10″ high safety mat creates an even plane from the top of the mattress to the safety mat. Turn a bed fall (impact) into a bed roll.

•Reflective Handles:  Added to enhance the safety of the caregiver and resident during periods of rest.

• Anti Skid Bottom:  Rubberized texture added to bottom of the safety mat to reduce sliding and create a water proof barrier.

• Vertical or Horizontal Storage:  During “non” periods of rest store the safety mat in a convenient location in either a vertical or horizontal state.

• Avanced Falls Notification Package:  weight based sensor pad (reacts to weight) can work seamlessly with existing nurse call or independently with pager system and wireless door light.


• Safety Mat Height: 10″

• Safety Mat Width: 30″

• Safety Mat Length: 76″